Best Ladies Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

Best Ladies Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players – Hopefully, this review of the best golf club sets for intermediate golfers has helped you see how many great options are out there.

Sometimes there are choices that are best for a higher handicapper going to an intermediate level, and others are built for those that are intermediate and looking to improve and get their handicap even lower. The Kalea is the best overall set because of the high quality components and the extra fast ball speed that you can get with this set.

The complete set offers the woman golfer the perfect mix of clubs at a very fair price.

Finding golf clubs for intermediate women golfers can be a little trickier than finding something for a beginner.

Beginners have lots of options, but the good news is there are plenty for the average woman player well. Here are some of the best choices out there.


1.Callaway Women’s

The first name on our list is a pretty unsurprising one. Callaway boasts proven pedigree in this niche and the Strata 16-piece is another of their high-end products. Designed for comfort, style, and performance, this women’s golf set is suitable for both beginners and more experienced golfers. This set is complete with the full complement of modernized clubs needed to make your shots more accurate, which is why it’s still considered a bargain despite being on the pricier end of the spectrum.

The Strata 16-Piece golf set comprises 3 wood, 4 hybrid, 6 iron, 2 wedges, a putter, and four matching headcovers, all contained in a portable and lightweight stand bag. For extra convenience, the stand bag features 6 pockets, a hood for protection against rain, and backpack-like straps for easier mobility.

Despite the lightweight feel of the clubs, they offer remarkable quality. The shafts are made of aluminum, which is heavier than graphite shaft clubs. Beginners might struggle with it for a while, but more experienced golfers seeking more control and distance will enjoy the balance these clubs give.

The driver is made completely of titanium and features a 460cc head. This arrangement works to give you a really large sweet spot and more forgiveness to set you on your way. It also feels secure and steady in your hands, giving you more confidence for the difficult shots.

The fairway wood features an aerodynamic head that offers greater forgiveness than most others. It is a 3-wood and it’s been designed to encourage long, high flying shots. The stainless steel irons and wedges feature Callaway’s flagship High Flint Technology for awesome forgiveness, distance, and speed. For those who prefer them, this golf set also includes hybrids for greater ease and flexibility. The hybrids, like the woods, come with headcovers for improved durability.

The Callaway Strata golf is fabulous because of its completeness. Its selections are satisfyingly wide-ranging, designed to last serious golfers for the long haul. If you can look beyond its exclusive right-handed orientation, and its rather considerable price tag, you should definitely go for it. If you’re in search of a golf set that offers superb performance, comfort, and durability, this is the one for you.

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2.Xxio Ladies Hybrid

This amazing high-definition XXIO SERIES golf club driver for ladies, will improve your game by far with easier distance.

You will experience the XXIO X SERIES DRIVER new True-Focus Impact Technology.

When using this driver, you will be able to hit golf balls longer (farther) and straighter, which a wonderful improvement for a beginner moving into the intermediate skill set, as XXIO X golf driver helps intermediate golfers play better.

XXIO X uses 3 highly innovative and unique technologies that work together to enhance the size of the sweet spot within each head and improve the consistency of your swing so you hit the sweet spot more often.

These beautiful pieces of technological combos result in the best, longest, straightest women golf club driver called the XXIO X Series Ladies driver.

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Wilson as a brand does not boast the easy and ready recognition that Callaway commands, but their products are not in any way inferior. This golf set is designed for women golfers just looking to get their feet wet for the first time. It was made with comfort and ease in mind and everything from the cart bag to the golf clubs amply reflects this fact.

The lightweight design of the cart bag makes it possible to haul it around courses. It sports three pockets for easy storage of accessories, a rugged handle top, and a double-padded shoulder strap to make carrying it a little less burdensome. The bag can fit in a driver, 5 wood, 5 hybrid, two wedges, 6 irons, a putter, and matching headcovers.

This set is offered at a relatively low price, so you’d normally expect the quality of the clubs to suffer as a result. Surprisingly, however, the quality of the clubs in this set far exceeds expectations. The lightweight graphite clubs are perfect for beginners, offering a low center of gravity for effortless swings, and an ergonomic design.

The driver features an ultra-forgiving oversized head for improved performance, while the fairway wood’s graphite shaft makes it easier for beginners to take controlled shots. The stainless steel irons in this golf set are also designed for better performance. The set also includes an easy launch sand wedge for improved control and shooting.

This golf set is recommended for beginners who are just trying to get a feel for golf for the first time. The price is more than right, the quality is impressive, and the elegant design of the cart bag and golf clubs count in its favor.

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4.TaylorMade SIM MAX

Women golfers looking for improved handicaps and greater enjoyment of the game should not look beyond the complete golf set. These golf clubs have been created with extreme attention to detail and boast lots of features that will perfectly complement your skill. In addition to this, it is remarkably lightweight, making it that much easier to control for the perfect shot.

The standout feature of this golf set is its fabulous slim tech shafts. This feature promotes greater distance on your shots. Further, these shafts also encourage better ball flight by creating space for a deep center of gravity.

This Complete Golf Set also features TaylorMade’s trademark speed Pocket technology. The club heads are equipped with air pockets which improve their flexibility and forgiveness. The pockets also compress the head of the clubs on impact, improving ball speed in the process. The combined effect of these is better distance and better ball speed, which is great for beginners without substantial technique.

Another impressive feature of this golf set is its premium spider putter. The quality of this putter is excellent, with an excellent design for better short-range shots with increased confidence. However, you’d need to purchase this putter separately. Apart from the absent putter, the TaylorMade golf set is remarkably complete, with lightweight and high-quality clubs including a driver, a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, one wood, two hybrids,  and four irons. The clubheads sport a unique and readily identifiable design that makes them really easy to arrange in any bag and also accessible when the need for them arises.

Each of these clubs is made of ultralight graphite, making them particularly useful for women and beginners with slow swing speeds. They are also fairly durable and great for both left and right-handed women of average height.

The best thing about this golf set is that it is suitable for female golfers of any skill level. It offers impressive forgiveness, is elegant yet solid, and is designed to last for a long time even in difficult situations. However, you would need to fork out a significant amount to purchase this golf set; it’s not a budget option.

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5.Aspire X1 Ladies

If you’re on the hunt for a golf club set that offers the right blend of style and substance, you may just have found what you’re looking for in this product. Every single club in this set has been optimized to deliver immense quality and performance, which is pretty remarkable for a golf set in its price range. Women golfers that look for forgiveness, performance, and of course style, will instantly fall in love with the Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set.

The stylish dual-strap golf bag immediately draws attention and turns heads. The bag scores top marks for style and functionality in equal measure; it’s quite lightweight and can be carried around like a backpack. This golf club set includes a driver, one fairway wood, one hybrid, 4 irons, a putter, headcovers, and the stand bag with a rain hood.

The driver is a 460cc titanium affair, while the clubs feature graphite shafts to make them more suitable for women golfers of all skill levels. However, the clubs are better adapted to women of average heights. Women golfers who cross the 5ft 9 threshold may struggle to get the best out of the clubs. Just as is suggested in the description, the clubs in this set are only suitable for right-handed people.

The fairway wood club offers superb forgiveness along with a low center of gravity that may help you enjoy your game more, while the heel-toe weighting feature of the putter will help with the accuracy of your shots.

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6.Cobra Mens F-Max

Sometimes men’s and women’s golf sets from the same manufacturer differ in very significant ways. Top of the line technology and features are sometimes removed in the women’s version but sold at a similar price to the men’s

The Cobra Women’s F-Max Superlite Complete Set is not one of the sets of clubs that remove features and instead keep almost every feature that appears on the men’s set.

Just like men’s sets, the shafts are a mix of graphite and steel with graphite shafts appearing on the driver through hybrid and steel shafts on all the irons. Having all graphite shafts are better for beginner and intermediate players, so with the inclusion of steel shafts on the irons means this set is for an above-average player.

A progressive style of weighting and offset on the irons are meant to give better stability and forgiveness.

The included cart bag does not come with a strap so a push cart or golf cart will be needed. Two-color options are available and they include White & Purple Cactus Flower and Black & Lexi Blue.

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What’s in a Female Golf Club Set?

While the female build is very different to males, so too are the golf clubs. In a women’s golf club set there would typically be:

  • 3 Woods
  • 7 Irons
  • 2 Wedges
  • Putter

The 3 woods comprises of 1 driver, 3 wood club and 5 wood club. Of the 7 irons there would be a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 club. The wedges are sand and pitching with at least 1 hybrid and a putter. If the set doesn’t include a putter be sure to read our detailed reviews comparing the top 10 best putters available for women!

The Professional Golf Association allows a player to have 14 clubs and you are free to choose which 14 you would like. The above list is 13 clubs so feel free to include an extra, alternate club.

We recommend using a hybrid club as they are more forgiving and are a bit easier to hit with.

As a rule of thumb, the lowest numbered hybrid (ie. 3 iron) allows any lady to hit the golf ball a little shorter than that of the highest numbered fairway wood. Roughly 10 or 15yards.

For this reason, women golf club sets generally comprise of more hybrids.

Key Differences Between Women and Men’s Golf Clubs

Although the same technologies are applied when producing both mens’ and ladies’ golf clubs as a general rule of thumb, ladies’ clubs tend to be shorter, lighter and offer a bit more flex.

There are a few reasons for this, women are statistically of smaller stature and have a swing speed that is a little slower. For this reason, the clubs are made to account for this difference.

If you prefer a video over text, this is a good summary.


The 5 Best Womens Golf Clubs | A Ladies Golf Club Guide | IvyGolf 2022

Ladies’ drivers will tend to have a minimum degree of 12 loft which is compared with that of 9 to 11 degrees of mens’.

A higher loft is directly associated with hitting the ball more easily off the tee. In addition to this, a womens driver is much lighter which enables greater distance, speed, and trajectory without exerting too much energy.


The woods also boast a higher degree of loft and are once again lighter than men’s woods.

In the woods, ladies also have a bigger range to choose from, as high was a 13 wood which can be easier to hit with than a long iron.


Irons for ladies’ will have softer flex and in some clubs, the head can be slightly heavier. However, like the woods and driver, the irons are still going to be lighter than men’s clubs.

They are also slightly shorter than men’s’ clubs, however, if you are quite tall custom made clubs are available.

The combination of slightly shorter and lighter clubs is tailored to the ladies’ slower swing.


Graphite shafts are the most common material for ladies’ clubs. Why? Again this goes back to making the clubs as light as possible – graphite is lighter than steel.

In addition to this, these shafts also provide a softer flex that provides better club head positioning, power and torque.

Shaft Length

The length of women’s clubs is smaller than those of men’s clubs. Brands such as Callaway and Ping also have clubs that are 2 inches shorter.

When considering the shaft length this is going to be very specific to your height. If you are quite tall, opt for male clubs that are made of graphite.

Shaft Flex

Shaft flex has two labels for lady clubs. Label ‘L’ flex provides the most spring and is slightly more difficult to control if you are a beginner.

Best Women's Golf Clubs for an Intermediate Player (2022) | Golf Guy

Clubs with the label ‘A’ are less flexible. However, both flexes are suited to swing speeds less than 80 miles per hour which generally speaking is the range of most females.


Attesting to the smaller stature of lady golfers, the grips tend to be smaller in diameter as well as length compared with men’s clubs.

This leads to a better grip on the clubs and more control over your swing. Callaway also gives the option of tailoring women grips to fit.

Ladies clubs usually have a couple of significant differences when compared to traditional men’s clubs. Usually, these differences are the use of more lightweight materials in the clubhead and the inclusion of graphite shafts. Another change is that ladies clubs tend to be slightly shorter than men’s clubs. All these changes are to help create more clubhead speed and better distance in all types of lies.

Best Womens Golf Clubs Sets 2022 with Lightweight Graphite Shafts

One of the best things about many of the club sets featured in our reviews is that they come with all the clubs and bags needed to get out on the course. Even the clubs that do not come with a bag are still a great deal.

If you need to purchase a golf bag or are unsure of what bag is best for you, there are two options; cart or carry bags. Many of the more expensive sets of clubs come with a bag that is meant to be strapped to a golf cart rather than being carried. Carry bags on the other hand, are more lightweight and come with two stabilizing legs and a shoulder strap. Check out our detailed reviews of the best Womens golf bags.

In the end, any golf club set that is included in our review will help you play the best you can every round. And the best part is that no matter your skill level, there is a set for you!

For more golf buyer guides be sure to refer to our homepage – we’ve covered everything you need for your golf journey from start all the way through to retirement!

With the entry of women in the sports of golf, manufacturers have now become more cautious of manufacturing women-specific golf gears. If you are unsure about what to expect in a female golf club set, this section is just for you. Here are some of the clubs that you will find in a typical women’s golf club set.

Here again, there’s another problem. The market is saturated with so many of these products that it can be almost impossible to separate the gold from the dross, in a manner of speaking. That’s why we’ve done our homework to emerge with this list of the best women’s golf clubs for intermediate players. We’ve also included the lowdown on the best features to look out for in golf clubs for women players, to help you narrow down your search and emerge with the perfect golf club for you.

Other Key Considerations for Selecting the Best Lady Golf Clubs

For both male and female players, the two biggest considerations when selecting clubs are the quality and cost.

With females, there is a great variety of golf sets on the market. Covering a large range in terms of cost, depending on your budget.

The key thing is that you purchase lady clubs, they are designed to provide everything for female golfing abilities.

Excellent value for money is going to be buying a complete set – purchasing individual clubs will be a lot more difficult and more expensive in the long run.

If you are an advanced player then that might be what you prefer to do, but for beginners and intermediate golfers, a complete set is recommended.

Should you play lighter golf clubs? - Gear Questions You're Afraid to Ask

It’s pretty difficult to find the perfect golf set, but the Cobra F-Max is close to perfection. For intermediate players, it has everything you’d want in terms of comfort, accuracy, distance, and game improvement. The wedges, driver, and irons will help you shoot better scores. It’s much more fun to golf when you’re performing well, and bad swings are forgiven. Often, intermediate players can look like an advanced player by simply upgrading their equipment.

It’s important to purchase golf clubs that suit your needs. If you notice certain aspects that you struggle with, such as swing speeds or off-center hits, you may want to purchase more forgiving clubs. Carefully go through our list of best ladies golf clubs for intermediate players to determine which suits you best. All of the clubs mentioned are extremely durable, so investing in a high-quality golf set will save you money in the long run while also increasing your golf performance.

The right golf equipment is critical to your performance, whether you’re a budding PGA tour level professional or an amateur who plays every other weekend. Once you pass the beginner phase of learning the proper golf swing and setup, intermediate golfers should consider acquiring a complete golf club set to enhance their game. Durability, performance, and personal preference should factor into your decision when getting your next set of clubs. In this article, we’ll cover the best ladies golf clubs for intermediate players and share with you a buyer’s guide on how to choose the right one to suit your needs.


Best Ladies Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players – If you are an intermediate lady golfer, the best golf clubs for you will depend on your needs. Irons are great if you need to work with finesse and precision, while drivers can give your game more power. Fairway woods are good if you want some room between yourself and obstacles or trees that may be in front of you, but they also require a fair amount of skill since these clubs have less loft than irons do.

Whatever option suits your needs most, we know that finding just one right product has never been easier thanks to our review system which helps narrow down your search and makes your decision easier.

We do hope this article had been able to enlighten you about the best ladies’ golf clubs for intermediate players?

Women golfers looking to make the transition from beginner to intermediate stages need a golf club to match. While picking out the perfect intermediate golf club for you may not be as simple as walking into a store and emerging with one, understanding the features to look out for will help you make the right decision.

You’ll need to keep an eye out for the quality of the golf club, along with its feel. It’s important to only pick a golf club that you feel comfortable holding. Distance and forgiveness are also features that you need to consider.

Each of the products on our list has been tested for their performance in each category and has satisfied our high standards.

We have been able to create other informative articles for your reading pleasure and to help your buying decision.