Best Driver for Tall Golfer

Best Driver for Tall Golfer – Creating a wide arc enables you to generate more swing speed and thus create more ball speed and carry distance. As a taller player, it is challenging to achieve this with short clubs. To assist you, I have compiled a list of the best golf clubs for tall men in 2022.

Tall players have an advantage since they can create a wider arc than shorter golfers. However, if you cannot control the swing and create a center impact on the clubface, all the advantage is lost.

There is no set industry guidelines used in the manufacturing of “standard” equipment that is sold off the shelf. However, male golfers measuring in at 5 feet 9 inches and women golfers measuring in at 5 feet 7 inches are most likely to find off-the-shelf golf clubs ideal.

Male golfers taller than 6 feet will probably experience some difficulty playing with a set of standard length clubs. Women’s driver shafts are between 1 ½ and 2 inches shorter than men’s driver shafts. This length differential is proportionately employed to all the shafts.


1.Callaway Golf 2020

Callaway is a premium brand that supplies the extremely popular Strata Ultimate set containing innovative technology. The composition of the set, coupled with the playability, forgiveness, and distance of these clubs, makes them the best set for tall men this year.

The Strata range offers increased distance without sacrificing forgiveness. Thus aiding you to build maximum confidence for beginners and mid-handicap golfers.

A complete set consists of a full complement of woods, hybrid, irons, and putter to provide optimal coverage on the course. It is available as a 12, 14, or 16-piece set. The 12-piece set doe does not include headcovers. They are only included in the 14-piece set (2 headcovers) and the 16-piece set (4 headcovers).

Although it does not cater specifically to taller golfers, it is easily modifiable and is popular among taller male golfers.

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2.WILSON Golf Profile

Beginners and high handicappers looking for a forgiving set of clubs should keep reading. The Wilson Profile Platinum Tall Stand clubs offer a complete set of forgiving, long golf clubs.

The 10.5-degree driver features a black PVD finish to help reduce glare. In addition, the 460 cc head offers an expanded sweet spot to promote consistent ball speed and reduce side spin. Therefore you enjoy increased yardage and accuracy.

There is no 3-wood in the set, leaving a distance gap between your driver and 5-wood. However, the fairway wood achieves a consistently high launch with optimal carry distance.

The next longest club is a 5-hybrid which replaces your long irons. The sole of the hybrid is constructed to produce superb turf interaction from any lie to encourage a clean strike and a high launch.

Like most golf sets, the longest iron is a 6. Then it is followed by a 7 through to the pitching wedge. Unlike other golf sets, the Platinum Tall Stand includes a sand wedge to enhance your short game control.

Lastly, the Wilson Profile Platinum Tall Stand set comes with a forgiving mallet putter and an ergonomic stand bag.

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3.Aspire X1

The Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set is an underrated and often overlooked option by a lot of golfers. But there is a reason why this is not as popular as it should. We’ll get to that in a bit. For starters, it contains a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, a 6-PW irons, a putter, a stand bag plus 3 H/C’s. As far as performance is concerned, we’d say that it comes in as a good choice for novice golfers and for those who casually play golf on weekends.

The 460cc titanium driver offers a decent amount of sweet spot allowing you to minimize mishits and improve your distance as you swing for the ball. It also has a 100% graphite shaft on its woods allowing a great feel for its users. The irons, on the other hand, have true temper steel shafts. These offer the flexibility that you prefer when it comes to hitting the ball. This makes it a favorite even by seniors.

The Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set isn’t as popular as other golf sets simply because it was designed for men 6’1” and above. It gives the right golf swing for tall players. And compared with other sets, this tall golf clubs complete set doesn’t feel awkward especially if you are a tall individual.

The Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set is a favorite among budget-conscious individuals who want to try playing golf. It comes in with everything that you need without worrying about your budget.

Unfortunately, if you are a pro athlete, you might want to look somewhere else. Though it is a beautiful option not to mention flexible for aging golfers, it doesn’t give you the long shots that you want. However, given the price, don’t expect a lot from this.

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4.Precise M3

The Precise M3 Men’s Complete Golf Club Set is a favorite pick by many tall intermediate golfers. This type of golf club is known to help elevate their game and to lessen the bad swings caused by the wrong golf club. It includes several good clubs that could come in handy in different situations. Not all clubs in this set can be considered tall man’s golf club. Fortunately, the majority of the clubs are designed for tall golfers.

Also, these won’t give you a complete set of golf clubs. Instead, you get everything that you will need to start playing.

It comes in with maximum forgiveness giving novice golfers the ability to still get the results they need especially at the beginning of the game. This keeps the shots straighter compared to other clubs in the market. The woods have the aerodynamic design that makes it easier to swing.

These are available in tall sizes making it a favorite by taller golfers. And since it is among the best golf club sets for tall guys, a 6’4″ man will not find it awkward to use.

The bag is also nice and sturdy. Overall, it is a great set but not exactly pro-level clubs. Made in the US, you get a good bang for your buck. These aren’t fancy but it could get the job done which is a nice pick for anyone starting golf.

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5.Cleveland Launcher XL

There are lots of people nowadays looking for a beginner-friendly golf club. If you have a child trying to learn how to play golf, then the Cleveland Golf Junior Set is a good idea. This set is an ideal learning tool for children trying to learn how to play golf. This isn’t exactly for tall individuals but more for teenager and even for children 7 or even 8 years old.

Though it runs a bit small, this is the Cleveland Golf Junior Set’s design. Also, you have three sizes to choose from with this golf club set. It also includes a lightweight carry bag that contains everything that you need.

The bag contains a fairway (22-degree club), 7 iron, and a putter. As you see, it isn’t exactly a complete set that adults want. The bottom line is that it gets the job done. Should adults use this? For the ladies, most likely yes if they are petite. But for men who are 6 feet tall and above, it’s a no.

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6.Pinemeadow PGX

The Pinemeadow Golf Clubs perform excellently at a very competitive price. Their cost-effectiveness makes them an ideal choice for golfers looking for great value for money. Despite this, this Pinemeadow set is not as durable as a more comprehensive set that may come with more features.

Additionally, compared to alternatives in the market, these are aimed at beginners and high handicappers seeking forgiveness with high quality and the ability to help a slower swing speed. Finally, it is worth pointing out that despite coming with a range of club options from a driver to Pinemeadow irons, you will still need some extra wedges and a putter to complete the set.

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How to Buy Good Golf Clubs for Tall Men?

One of the biggest problems by golfers today is fit. Titleist Performance Institute even believes that only 5% of golfers fit the standard clubs in the market today. This could probably be the reason why people don’t realize that they don’t get to move into their best potential.

Before anything else, you need to hit the ball right at the center of the clubface. To be able to have this type of precision, it is important that you have proper posture and you don’t adjust according to your club. Instead, there should be a synergy between you and your club.

Do you need tall golf club sets?

If you are around 6 flat, you will be happy with a standard golf club most likely. However, golfers 6’2″ and above is a different story. Using standard golf clubs when you are 6’2” and above and you will develop bad swing habits and even miss a lot of shots that you shouldn’t miss if only you have the right type of club.

It is common to encounter tall golfers to have a longer arc whenever they are swinging. However, they are also known for having a steeper swing than their shorter peers. What do we mean by this? It means that the swing arc tends to be closer to perpendicular to the ground. If you compare it with a shallow swing, shallow swings typically make the clubface the sky up. Shallower swing means that it has a reduced probability of slicing. It can also create less spin. And also, it comes with a lower trajectory perfect for dealing with windy conditions.

Measuring the wrist to the ground

One of the biggest mistakes that novice tall golfers make when they buy extra tall golf clubs is to think that the length of the golf club depends on their height. If you want the right fit when buying golf clubs for tall men, you will need to measure the wrist to the ground. This makes sense since some are born with long arms while others are born with slightly shorter hands.

If the measurement is from 34-37 inches, the suggested golf club length is the same as the standard shaft. For 37-38.5 inches, you will need a shaft that comes +25 inches in length.

The right length can help give tall players the advantage of hitting longer shots than shorter players. On the other hand, tall players tend to not have the same control as shorter golfers.

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Set vs. Individual Golf Club

Are you looking to have the entire set customized according to your height? Or perhaps, you are only looking to tweak a few clubs? Custom-fitted golf sets for tall players could cost $2,000. Then, there are also the cheaper options at $500 and even lower. Unfortunately, if you are looking to play regularly, you might find the options to be a bit limited for your needs.

In case you are going to buy a set, you need to also decide on the set makeup. Does it have a good mix of irons and woods? Or maybe most should be hybrids? As a rule of thumb, have hybrid golf clubs instead of long irons to make it easier to work with when playing on the golf course.

Next, you will also want to make sure that you have a sand wedge. The sand wedge is a must-have in your bag since there will come a time when you will need this.

Should you choose a standard-length golf club? This option still makes sense for some. If you want, you can always stick with a standard set and then add length to some of the clubs that you want to be longer (or shorter) depending on your preference. This can be the less expensive option that you can always go for.


Putting is an art. It’s the process of hitting the ball softly using the club usually when the ball is already near the hole. 35% to 40% of your score will be attributed to your putting. However, it is impossible to get the right feel if you are the one adjusting to a golf club that feels too short for your height. The right height will give you the confidence to hit the ball consistently and with better finesse.

Length of the Shaft

Club-fitters tend to adjust the clubs by making the shaft longer or shorter depending on the anatomy of the person who is using it. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as you think it is. Club fitters just can’t make generic extra long golf clubs for tall users.

The shaft of long golf clubs shouldn’t just be adjusted according to the user’s height but also according to the user’s stance. There are instances when the person’s stance is not optimal for his frame making shots less accurate.

Lie Angle

Tall man golf clubs should also have the right lie angle. For beginners, what’s a lie angle? This pertains to the angle formed between the clubface’s leading edge and the shaft. For tall individuals, long shaft golf clubs typically also have a more upright stance that distorts the lie angle.

It means that the lie angle should be adjusted. Without the proper adjustment, tall golfers will have a difficult time hitting the ball accurately.


A lot of people are going to say different things about their budget. Some don’t like spending a lot of money on a hobby while others are willing to spend thousands just to improve their game. You will be spending a lot of money if you want a custom-made set for you. However, you can go and buy individual clubs designed for tall users.


There is no general rule when it comes to the length of clubs that you should use. This is something that a lot of people forget. If you will check the pros, some professional golfers who are just around 5’6″ in height sometimes prefer something longer. On the other hand, you have some taller golfers who like their golf club to be a bit short. This will all boil down to your comfort.

It means that tall players don’t always equate to longer golf clubs. It is all about your swing and your personal preference.

Taller individuals often need a tall golf club set. On the other hand, some tall players prefer to buy a standard-sized set and to have a few clubs modified according to their liking. Be sure to compare these options that we’ve mentioned and see which one fits your game and also your budget.

By now you should have a good idea of which golf club is the best for tall men. If not, we hope this article has helped answer any questions you may have about your next purchase and if it’s worth paying that little bit extra to get the right equipment.

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We hope that we were able to help make the process of finding the best golf clubs for tall men a little bit easier and less overwhelming. With our recommendations on some brands and models, hopefully, you can get out there on the green with ease!

Most golfers use a standard clubs set and adjust for them. This can be problematic for someone who’s on the taller side as it will compensate for the swing which can hurt the player’s habits and overall game. It may even lead to knee problems and back strain. So it’s best to have your clubs professionally fitted if you’re larger in height than the others.

How many drivers do I need?

Professionally speaking, a bag can carry 14 clubs. But having one club that works for you should be enough. There are professional players who actually carry a couple of drivers: one for shot-shaping and another one for maximum distance. But for beginners, this is not a necessity.

How often should I buy a driver?

Generally speaking, with proper care and accurate fit, a driver should last you about two to four years. But of course, there are various factors that can come into play such as frequency of play, skill development, budget, and change of play style. 

Again, a lighthead works best for a longer shaft.


Since longer shafts reduce control, the bigger sweet spot can do the compromise. This is to allow less errors should the golfer fail to strike the ball dead center.

Center of gravity

The center of gravity is that exact point where the weight is balanced. If a driver’s center of gravity is towards the club’s back, the backspin rate will be higher and ultimately increase distance and accuracy.


There are adjustable clubs to help improve loft and center of gravity. A twistable collar near the club is manipulated for adjustment. There are also club heads with weight slugs that are removable to change the center of gravity to your preference.

Ultimately, club selection is a very personal choice. Many golfers select purely on the brand used by their favorite golfer or a friend.

This article provided you with options for taller golfers and ways to have a set fitted. Although custom fitting is an option, it comes with a hefty price tag that may not be affordable to everyone.

If getting fitted is not an option, you can follow the above guide to help you make your final decision. Let us briefly recap the picks for the best golf clubs for tall men in 2022.

Do you actually need longer clubs? Are you a good enough golfer or committed enough to get custom-fitted clubs? If not, what is the right set for me?

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There is no right answer for everyone here. Chances are, your needs will be specific for you. A good choice would be to buy a full set off the rack with standard length clubs and then adjust the lengths if necessary.

If you have budget concerns, the Wilson Ultra would be a good pick. Wilson is a known name and should provide you with plenty of play until you are ready to progress to the next level.

If you want a set that might last you a little longer without breaking the bank, you might want to pick up the Callaway Strata Ultimate. It is difficult to find anything wrong with that set of clubs.

For those of you who are willing to step up a bit in both price and quality, the Cobra F-Max would be a nice addition for almost any golfer up to and including intermediate skill level.

While your height and wrist-to-floor measurements are important, they are not the only consideration for taller golfers. Try to find a set of clubs that fits your swing style and that feel comfortable to you.


Best Driver for Tall Golfer – There’s more to choosing a driver than the player’s height, but it sure is one of the things that should be largely considered. If in doubt, you should talk to a professional so you won’t have to waste your money on buying the wrong things. Remember, a driver with an accurate fit can last you for a long time!

Ultimately, club selection is a very personal choice. Many golfers select purely on the brand used by their favorite golfer or a friend.

This article provided you with options for taller golfers and ways to have a set fitted. Although custom fitting is an option, it comes with a hefty price tag that may not be affordable to everyone.

If getting fitted is not an option, you can follow the above guide to help you make your final decision. Let us briefly recap the picks for the best golf clubs for tall men in 2022.