Best Driver for Beginner Golfer

Best Driver for Beginner Golfer – As a beginner or high handicap golfer, it is becoming increasingly important to have the proper driver in your bag that suits your game. I know that years ago, you could take hand-me-downs from your great uncle and get your golf career started; today, equipment makes a difference. Therefore it is imperative to get the proper driver in the golf bag right from the start.

With all the options on the market, it can sometimes be hard to narrow down the best driver options for beginners and high handicappers. Therefore, we have put together some of the best choices on the market to help you take your game to the next level.

If you’re new to golf…welcome, you’re going to have a great time. By now you’ve probably realised that the golf equipment market is vast with huge array of different brands and fully dictionary worth of technical jargon to wade through. We’re here to help though and this guide on the best golf drivers for beginners aims to be a helpful, jargon-less guide to point you in the right direction of which driver is best for your game.

The golf driver is probably one of the most fun clubs in the bag to use, but it is also one of the most difficult to master consistently. If you’ve borrowed a friends or rented one at the driving range you’ll know how much fun they are to hit when it goes right, but how frustrating it can be to strike well.


1.Cobra Golf

We at GolfMamba understand not everyone who is starting out golfing can shell out $500+ on a new state of the art driver. Our goal was to give you a driver that is affordable, but still performs near the top of the list! The driver that exceeded our expectations on all levels is the Cobra King SpeedZone Xtreme Black/Yellow Standard Driver. 

With its CNC Infinity milled face this becomes the Power Zone of the driver where you will generate maximum speed.

Cobra came out swinging with a newly designed Titanium Speed Chassis, which has made the club lighter, stronger, and has been optimized to give you an excellent feel when striking the ball.

The Cobra King SpeedZone Xtreme driver has a LOW Center of Gravity with 69 grams of weight positioned towards the bottom of the club to give you the optimal launch when striking the ball.

The STABILITY ZONE strategically transfers weight away from the center of the driver allowing max forgiveness and longer, straighter drives.

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2.Mint Titleist TS1

Titleist have always been a favourite brand for better players, and have a certain type of brand loyalty that few other equipment manufacturers possess. Top players have always used the AP irons for instance, and many players love the 917 drivers, although they rarely appealed to the higher handicapper.

With the TS1 however, that’s all changed. The TS1 is one of the first clubs Titleist have ever offered tailored exclusively to higher handicappers who may have lower swing speeds and a struggle to make great contact with the driver.

The TS1 is Titleist’s lightest ever driver, featuring a bold design and 40g shafts. The TS1 is a superb club in every way, with immense distance and great forgiveness. As a product however, the price is a bit steep. If you love the Titleist brand however, you will love this club as a higher-handicapper.

The Final Word: The TS1 is a bit pricey but has everything you could ever want from a club, with the special customisation to help beginners hit the ball better.

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3.Cleveland Golf Launcher

The Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver is a terrific driver that certainly can improve the game of the inexperienced golfer. For beginners that are just learning the game, a driver that provides a solid feel and response, the club can help reduce the learning curve and get them hitting the ball better.

One of our favorite perks of the Cleveland driver is the three loft options available with the club. Remember, this is not an adjustable driver. You can’t mess with the loft through a sleeve or adjust the weighting, so finding the right loft is important.

The miss that most new golfers and higher handicappers can’t get away from is the slice. The draw bias driver is the best solution to help straighten out shots, and the ClevelandLauncher HB Turbo has everything these players need.

One of the things you will enjoy about theLauncher HB Turbo is that there is extremely high MOI while still maintaining lower spin and maximum forgiveness. The new counterbalanced shaft also helps to ensure that golfers can get much more consistent performance with this driver in the bag.

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4.Wilson Staff D7

A driver is often the most expensive club in the bag. People tend to have no trouble spending close to $600 to get the technology they need on the golf driver and the distance they are looking for to succeed. The Wilson Staff D7 is one of the lowest-priced drivers for beginners and high handicappers.

However, the great news is that even though this is a very fairly priced golf driver, it is packed with great technology. One of the best technologies is the internal weighting optimized by the loft. For beginners that struggle to get the launch characteristics they need, the Wilson Staff is a great option to consider. The club’s head is only 192g, so slower swinging players will get the distance they need.

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5.MAZEL Titanium

The Mazel Titanium Driver may look like an incapable knockoff from the outside, but when used on the course, the club does a really nice job at getting the ball into the air and down the fairway.

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6.TaylorMade Golf M6

The TaylorMade M6 is the ideal mid-range choice; price-wise it’s not the cheapest, and it’s not the most expensive, yet it provides the fastest legal speeds, forgiveness and maneuverability. The highlight of the TaylorMade M6 is its “Speed Injection Technology” which provides the fastest legal speeds out of all clubs on this list. For high handicappers and novice golfers, speed translates into longer distances when hit on the club face.. The TaylorMade is better at speed & long distances than other clubs on this list when tested on a machine, and this will also help you hit it longer.

TaylorMade is one of the most reputable and renowned golf club manufactures that is always on the cutting edge of golf technology – their products, including the TaylorMade M6, are endorsed by Tiger Woods. The M6 is their premier choice for high handicappers who can use the M6 to lower their handicap, boost their distance, and increase their speeds.

The groundbreaking speed technology that enables maximum legal speeds viable, combined with the reasonable price tag and endorsing/brand backing by one of the largest manufacturers in the golf industry is what makes us recommend the M6 as our premier driver choice for high handicappers.

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Things To Look For When Choosing The Best Driver For Beginners And High Handicappers

First and foremost, you need to make sure the total weight (including the weight of the head) is compatible with your swing, your ability to control the driver, and most importantly, make certain that the driver you choose is suitable for your physical condition and strength.

Choosing a driver that is too heavy for your body frame can cause harm to your back and possibly other body parts as well like your arm or shoulder. However, don’t go too light or you will most likely see more off-center hits than you desire to see.

There are a few other things to take into consideration when looking for the best driver for beginners, such as forgiveness, loft, shaft, clubhead size, and adjustability.

When you have all the information available to you about how each part plays a significant role in your golf game,  it will become easier for you to decide which driver will work best for you.

golf swing


Forgiveness – What Does It Mean?

In short, forgiveness can keep you in the game – it’s when the driver offers less distance and focuses on keeping your ball straight. A lot of beginner golfers rely heavily on drivers that have high forgiveness, and rightly so – it’s not fun fetching all those balls out of trees or water.

Fast forward to modern times and you will now find golf drivers that offer forgiveness with both distance and speed. For example, the TaylorMade M4 Driver superior forgiveness and increased ball speed thanks to its revolutionary design and features.  It’s truly one of the best drivers for beginners!

Tip: The size of the head can increase the sweet spot and encourages more direct hits with the driver. The maximum head size is 460cc and we strongly suggest finding the best driver for beginners that has the maximum size head if you want to benefit from the sweet spot!

For beginning golfers struggling with a high handicap, a driver’s forgiveness can help keep the ball straight and long off the tee box. Unfortunately, most beginning golfers who have difficulty shaving strokes off their handicaps cannot routinely strike the ball on the center of the clubface. Since golf equipment manufacturers understand this problem, they build drivers with larger sweet spots that help reduce the sidespin that creates slices and hooks.

This wonderful advancement in golf technology has been advanced to assist the beginner in hitting the ball straighter on off-center strikes. Beginning golfers who swing their driver slowly will also appreciate the technology because it maximizes distance while reducing the shot-killing side spin.

Forgiveness in a driver comes in two different varieties the golfer must choose from. The first feature is via the construction of the driver, this is especially true if you find a driver with a fixed clubhead with no adjustable features.

The other feature that can help a high handicapper improve is a driver’s adjustable features. Moving weights, for example, spreading them farther apart behind a clubface,  can help the driver stay more square during the impact, therefore limiting side spin.

Design – How Important Is It?

The design is probably one of the most important features for the best drivers for beginners and high handicappers because not only are they new to the game, they are usually nervous and a bit scared to hit the ball in the beginning.

This is where design comes in – the design offers comfort, and when a golfer is comfortable with their driver they have a better chance of hitting the ball and driving more distance and speed. Senior golfers especially need a well-designed driver to boost their confidence and give them that extra edge in their game.

When you think about it, there isn’t another club in your golf bag that will deliver distance like a driver, making the driver the most important club you own. The design of the driver will either enhance or negatively impact your swing. So it’s important to find the best driver for beginners or high handicappers if you are just starting out.

For beginning golfers, owning a forgiving yet well-constructed driver is incredibly important for long-term growth. In addition, beginning golfers need to have confidence that their clubs won’t let them down, especially for the driver.

Golf companies are finding new ways to reduce drag on the clubhead and maximize swing speed every year. However, some beginners feel like the best way to build a set is by finding clubs that are seven to ten years old, and why that may be cheaper initially, it can harm the improvement of your game.

In the end, for high handicappers, finding a driver that gets the ball into the air and down the fairway is paramount. These two simple guidelines are accomplished with loft and increased swing speed. Always remember: Longer drives mean shorter second shots.

Great driver design is crucial when the beginning golfer considers the entire swing, from lining the ball up at address to drawing the club back and coiling the swing, all the way through the downswing and impact.

Golf club shaft options

Shaft – What Is It Used For?

Some golfers will argue that the shaft is the most important element of the driver because it determines the consistency of your shots and how the ball will fly through the air. If you have a fast swing, you’ll need a stiffer shaft than somebody who is considered slow swinging.

Knowing what type of shaft will work for you is part of the learning curve for golfers, mainly because getting the shaft right takes practice. If your shaft is too stiff you will most likely have balls that ride rather low and veer to the right more often than not.

However, if your shaft is too flexible you will most likely have a lot of inconsistency in your game and get frustrated rather easily.

But don’t worry, this is why a lot of drivers are offered with the ‘regular’ flex shaft that can help with consistency and achieving higher, straighter balls during flight.

golf driver loft options

Loft Options – Why Bother With Loft Angle?

Since loft basically equals ball height, you are going to want to pay attention to the loft option on the driver you are considering getting. If you’re a slow swinger, then you will need more loft to maximize the height of your drive to get the ball down the fairway.

You should take into consideration what your swing speed is before considering the loft size that will work best for you. However, a general rule of thumb for beginners would be to look for a loft with 12 degrees to start. This is especially true for seniors who need extra assistance in getting the ball higher.

Note: Adjustable hosel can shift the loft on the clubface giving more height for your ball with the launch angle. And if your speed is registering anywhere between 85-90 MPH, then you can consider a loft that is less than 12 degrees.

One of the most significant errors that beginning golfers make when choosing a new driver for their bag is purchasing a club that fails to have enough loft. Too many beginners see that Tiger Woods has an 8.5-degree driver and sadly assume they should do the same. But they fail to understand that a professional golfer’s swing speed is one of the highest ever recorded.

Beginning golfers should never forget that the loft of a driver equals ball height, and it is crucial to maximizing the height of your drives while you are swinging at a slower speed. Hitting the ball harder equates to boosted exit velocity. When coupled with proper shot height, you can maximize your driving ability during these initial days of your golfing journey.

Feel – How Do You Get A Feel For A Driver?

The simple answer is – practice! Yep, get out to the driving range and hit hundreds of balls to get a feel for your driver. This is essential to know how it will feel on the golf course and how comfortable you are using your driver.

The more you use your driver, the more you will have a feel for the way it makes contact with the ball. In fact, you will know from the second you hit the ball whether or not it will give you the desired results you were hoping for.

Having a good feel for your driver, or any club for that matter – is what makes your game unique. It’s like having a relationship, it either works for you or against you, but either way, you need to decide.

When a beginning golfer hits a drive, they might not tell where the ball is going initially. Feel comes with an increased experience of hitting the golf ball, but it also occurs at the moment of impact.

On Sundays, the best professional golfers display a sense of confidence at times after they hit drives off the tee box. So how do they know they have hit an incredible drive? It’s a combination of feel and sight.

Top 10 Best Golf Driver For Beginners 2022 - Easiest Driver to Hit

When we talk about the “feel” a driver has, we are talking about the response the ball gives off the clubface. Professional golfers have hit hundreds of thousands of shots in their careers, and they know immediately if they’ve struck the golf ball in the center of the clubface because their trusted driver provides that feedback.

A new driver that produces an exceptional feel throughout the swing is a club that you can gain confidence in over time. Unlike professional golfers, beginning golfers don’t trust their swing or clubs just yet but find equipment that can shave time on that endeavor.

Adjustable Weights – Do You Need That Feature?

Firstly, we have to state that every golfer, regardless of experience, can benefit from an adjustable driver. Consider the hook, the adjustable feature will allow you to adjust the weight for a fading effect to help prevent those shots from veering left or right.

Most drivers nowadays come with built-in adjustability, whether it be moveable weights for assisting launch or a hosel adaptor that gives you the ability to change the loft, face angle, and lie. In fact, a lot of drivers come with both – this is what we call all the bells and whistles.

If you are a beginner or a high handicapper, then the hype around all this technology can be a bit confusing and when the truth is told, you don’t really need it at this point in your game. When looking at all the different combinations offered with MOI and altering the shape of the shot, it’s best to just keep it simple and work on your swing.

As a high handicapper, you are looking to maximize each swing, especially off the tee. When searching for this magic formula, it helps if you have a driver with options. Golf manufacturers have discovered numerous ways to help the amateur tinker with their clubs to dial in the right specifications that will allow them to fine-tune their game, whether it be on the course or during practice sessions.

There are two ways that manufacturers have helped beginning golfers. The first is through adjustable weights that can alter shot shape and increase forgiveness. The second is with an adjustable hosel that can reduce or increase the loft on the clubface for more height on the ball at impact.

For the beginning golfer that loves trying to dial in the best series of adjustments to boost the quality of their shots, adjustable features are an essential component for their new driver.

What Is The Easiest Driver To Hit For Beginnersand High Handicappers?

Most people find the easiest driver to hit the Callaway Big Bertha B21. It’s tough to miss with a club like this in the rotation. The clubface is large, it is a lightweight golf driver, and you will find that you have no trouble getting the swing speed you need.

Should I Use A Driver As A Beginneror High Handicapper?

As a beginner golfer, it is a good idea to learn to use a driver. Many people will tell you that the driver is difficult, and you can get away with fairway woods for a while. Although this is true, it is best to at least learn how to hit a driver properly. At some point, you will have to make it work.

What Drivers Are Good For Beginnersand High Handicappers?

The golf drivers that are best for beginners are the ones that have draw bias, a lightweight club head, and a huge sweet spot. Any of the options on my list will have all of these things to help make the process of getting off the tee box quite a bit easier.

Having this means you can tinker to find just the right set up for your swing while also increasing the lifespan of your driver as you get better. That should be the only piece of jargon in this guide, but look out for it as a key feature of some of the drivers listed below.

There are still a number of drivers that have been announced that aren’t yet available at retails, so check out our list of the drivers we’re most excited about for 2022 at the bottom of this guide. Once they become available, we’ll add them to our main list, so keep a close eye on this guide to see when you’ll be able to get your hands on some of the most exciting drivers coming this year.

So without further ado let’s take a look at some of the best golf drivers for beginners. We also recommend taking a look at our guides on the most forgiving drivers, best high handicap drivers, and the best golf drivers for distance.


Best Driver for Beginner Golfer – Beginners especially will take some time to learn how to master the longest club in the bag. It’s also one of the most expensive single clubs you can buy, so finding one at the right price is key too. Price doesn’t mean exclusivity though, and even the more expensive drivers in this list are made with beginners in mind, not just lower handicap golfers. In short, even the most expensive drivers can suit your game and this list covers an array of drivers from across all price points.

Most new golfers have a tendency to slice the ball – that’s a shot shape that goes left-to-right if you’re right handed. Beginners, too, will often struggle to to get enough launch angle to maximise distance. These models – which vary in price but are mostly towards the lower end – won’t save the poorest of swings, but they are designed to help; they will certainly give you a little more margin for error – plus a confidence boost standing on the tee.

Look out for drivers with adjustable hosels too. The hosel is the part of the club that connects the shaft to the head and drivers have developed over time to allow this part of the club to be adjusted. This functionality allows you to adjust the loft of your club higher or lower.